LA지회 회원가입

Step 1.

아래의 자격요건, 절차, 규정등을 잘 숙지해 주세요.

Step 2.

규정 하단에 있는 회원 가입 신청서를 다운로드 받으세요.

Step 3.

회원 가입 신청서를 다 작성하신 후, Contact US의 이메일로 보내주세요.

1. Membership Qualification

  • A member shall be a Korean American/ Korean national or who has Korean heritage who resides in Southern California and agrees to the purposes of KOWIN L.A. and completes the required procedures for membership and pays the membership due.
  • An applicant for the membership shall submit an application when she is recommended by a member or members for the membership. Then, the applicant’s qualifications shall be assessed and approved by a vote of a majority present at an Officers Committee meeting. Thereafter an applicant shall become a member when her application is approved by a vote of a majority of members present at a meeting.
  • Membership annual dues shall be determined at Officers Committee and shall be approved at an annual meeting by a majority vote present each meeting.

2. Rights and Duties of Members

  • Each and every Member shall be subject to KOWIN L.A.’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws and is bound with all resolutions and actions that are made at any meeting.
  • Each and every member has right to participate in any business of KOWIN L.A. and has duty to carry out the resolutions.
  • Each and every member shall have the right to vote and to be elected for positions in KOWIN L.A. and has the rights to participate and resolute at any meeting.
  • Membership Due is $200.00/yr and Monthly Meeting Due is $25.00/month

3. Disqualification of Membership

  • A member who has violated any regulations under KOWIN L.A.’s Articles and Bylaws.
  • A member who has defamed KOWIN L.A. or has caused disharmony among members without just causes.
  • A member who has not been present at a meeting for two year without any notice.
  • A member who has not paid membership dues timely over a year