Events at KOWIN LA

KowinLA Retreat 2024 (6월 야유회)

JUNE 01 2024

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KowinLA CONFERENCE 2024 (5월 컨퍼런스)

May 04 2024

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KowinLA's Monthly Seminar (3월 세미나)

March 11 2024

KowinLA's Monthly Seminar (2월 세미나)

Feburary 2024

New Year's Greeting Ceremony (신년하례식)

January 2024

Inauguration Ceremony of the 17th President (17대 회장 취임식)

The inauguration ceremony for Kathy Yu took place at Aroma Banquet Hall (10.06.2023)

Year-end Party (송년회)

December 2023

KOWINLA at Korean President's Blue House (대한민국 청와대 초청 간담회)


Next Generation Women's Leadership Conference with South Korean legislator Na Kyung-won (대한민국 나경원 국회의원 차세대 여성 리더쉽 컨퍼런스)


Luncheon at the Consul General's Residence in LA (Consul General Kim Jae-soo) (LA 총영사 관저 오찬 (김재수 총영사))


Meeting with Members of Parliament Choi Young-hee, Kim Geum-rae, and Lee Ae-joo (최영희, 김금래, 이애주 국회의원 동포여성 간담회)


Meeting with "Minister of Gender Equality and Family", Baek Hee-young (백희영 여성가족부장관 동포여성간담회)

March 2010